Chuck Cooper                                                                             EMS Of Santa Rosa County

   Don Salter                                                                                   Government

    Michael Smith M.D.                                                                     Physician

Board Of Directors.

North West Florida Rural Health Network

    David Williamson                                                                         Lakeview Center Century

Tony Gomillion                                                                            Santa Rosa County Administrator

Thomas Rowland                                                                        Consumer

Karen Haworth                                                                            Veterans Services/Director

Joann Cleary                                                                               Northwest Florida Area Agency

                                                                                                     on Aging, Inc. Aging and Disability

                                                                                                     Resource Center

Mark Elder M.D.                                                                           Physician

    Clay Cambell                                     Secretary                          Business And Industry

    Greg Heaton                                      Treasurer                          Jay Vision Center

   Beate Bolton                                                                               Escambia County Health Dept.

    Jeff Mislevy                                                                                 Covenant Hospice

    Mike Hutchins                                    Vice President                  Jay Hospital

"The mission of the northwest Florida Rural Health Network is to provide a venue for collaboration of efforts among all interested parties to ensure that quality health care is available and efficiently delivered to all persons in the communities we serve".

  Stephen Knowlton                                                                       Education


Sandra Park O'Hara                                                                    Santa Rosa CO. Health Dept.

C.David Smith M.D.                           President                           Physician

  Gerald Beard                                                                               Health Mark Medical